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Sunday: Closed 

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2753 Lynn Rd. Suite C Tryon NC 28782​​

Tryon Therapeutic Massage


***Cash or Check Payment Method***

90 Minutes.....$105.00

60 Minutes.....$75.00

 30 Minutes.....$40.00 

All Credit Card will have a 3% added charge

Our Types of Massages

Swedish massage -The basic massage used to help relax and refresh muscles
Deep Tissue-  Firm pressure used to work the deep muscles. It helps to break up adhesion, improve circulation, reduces spasms, breaks up tight muscle fibers (knots)
Trigger point therapy- Works very specific muscle triggers that cause pain.
Massotherapy- Bodywork that helps break up scar tissue and removes fluids as a result of a mastectomy.
Myofascial release - Massage that is suited to help people who suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other muscle related auto-immune disorders that attack muscle tissues. Also helps to break up scar tissue.
Medical massage - Assessing your medical conditions and using massage, stretching, and exercise to improve your health.
Sports Massage - Using deep bodywork and stretching techniques, remove lactic acids fro muscles, relax tired overworked muscles, and reduce physical fatigue. Great massage for anyone with an active lifestyle.
Cellulite cupping- Cupping used to break up adipose tissue and remove waste lymphatically.
Riders Massage - Target the specific muscle groups used by equestrians.
Children's massage - Light touch massage that improves the health on growing muscles, helps take pressure off unformed growth plates.
Cupping - The application of glass suction cups used to break up adhesions, improve circulation, remove metabolic waste, and move blood stagnation. Great alternative for people who do not like deep tissue but need the benefits from the deep bodywork.
Pregnancy Massage - Massage that is safe and beneficial to expecting mothers. 

Thai Foot Massage-The application of pressure to the soles of the feet in particular areas that benefit the client.

Lymphatic Drainage- This type of massage techinque that moves the lymphatic drainage of various organs and tissues throughout the body. This type of massage will also help relieve bacteria, toxins, and excess water throughout the entire body.